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Once an artist always an artist !

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


This story is of a ceramicist who grew up surrounded by art. By the age of 5, she had music, performance, foreign language, and art as part of her daily school curriculum. Professionally received a BA in French with minors in Business and Photography from Washington University in St. Louis which led her into a career in marketing for Fortune 500 beauty companies in New York City and an MSc in International Marketing from Leeds University Business School in Leeds.

In 2010, she discovered pottery and began dabbling once again. However, her professional commitments kept tugging at her, not allowing her to fully embrace and enjoy the medium. But with new found mental freedom and some time on her hands, she started working with pottery studios.

In the ceramicist's words "With a husband, young son, two inspiring cats, and still a day job as a marketer, time is sparse. And of course add a global pandemic to the mix, things get very interesting !! I have set up a studio in our apartment, and transport green ware upstate to bisque and glaze with the amazing Lynn Isaacson at New Prospect Pottery. It's certainly a unique time."

Last but not the least, she is forever grateful to her formative years of art opportunities, education & career that allowed her to discover pottery as a passion. The journey has blessed her with the amazing friends, mentors, and teachers !

Checkout all her beautiful work at and join us on Instagram @ceramic.inn for more.

Happy holidays to you and your family !


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