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From an anonymous Kiln to NEC designs!



Natalie Crenwelge, a ceramicist from Booker T. Washington, in Dallas, TX. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design and a passion for the arts and clay, she focuses on creating the most functional and beautiful pieces possible for all.

In her own words "Sophomore year I did not enroll in a ceramics class, but I joined the ceramic "Mud Club" that met after school. I began learning how to throw on the wheel primarily through trial and error and watching YouTube videos. I was awful at first, which isn't a surprise because it is a hard thing to learn, but I kept trying. I fell in love with the medium and even tried to hand-build items at home over winter break with no formal training. Those creations ended up exploding in the kiln. haha."

Her passion took her to her to an unexpected journey and the universe played her magic when she decided she wasn't going to study ceramics full-time in college and that high school would probably be the end of her ceramics career, until when a kiln was listed for free by someone in her neighborhood and by some odd chance of luck, the person who had initially claimed it never picked it up from the owner, so her dad and she went to bring it home!!! Acquiring a kiln like this unknowingly set in motion an entire future of creating ceramics that she never thought would happen.

Her idea of ceramic wares is to bring joy in people's day to day life. The more functional the designs are, the better the use.

" Optimal function is my number one priority to provide the best experience for the person who will be using the product. I achieve this and keep growing by continually testing the products I create and test, for example, what handle is the most comfortable on a mug, which planter style works the best to keep the plant alive, and what bowl shape is the most comfortable to hold. With this mindset, I create beautiful objects that are meant to be used every day. They are fully functional and durable and not meant to be hidden way out of fear of being broken or the hassle of hand washing. One of my favorite parts about using my own products is that they are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe."

You can checkout all the amazing work at her insta handle @nec_designs_

Join our insta family for more updates @ceramic.inn.


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