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Finding balance between creativity and functionality !

Laima Laurina from @laurinaceramics

An all time ceramic art lover and a passionate student from Riga, Latvia, Laima Laurina currently pursuing bachelors degree in ceramic arts.

Before taking ceramic as her subject of study, she pursued arts in high school from a design perspective.

Slowly and gradually her interest made her deep dive into the ocean of ceramic and explore the various possibilities of this beautiful craft.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” - Georgia O’Keeffe

Laurina is been practicing this craft for 6 years now and finally this summer she made us all excited by sharing her handmade ceramic pieces on Instagram for the world to see and get inspired the same way as she once was by her fellow ceramicist's online community !

One's choice of sharing their work with others requires great acceptance of self- believe and we are happy to see our friend embracing her true skills. Kudos to you girl !

In the ceramicist's words " I am fascinated with painting on ceramics and draw my inspiration from the patterns i see around me. Experimenting different shapes in the academy and with lost off trial and error, initially this would take a toll on me but now with patience and love for the craft I have gradually learned to go with flow and enjoy the process more, than worrying about the end result. It feels best when your ideas materialize in a way you didn't expect ! stay positive."

Her Porcelain ceramic pieces is worth it ! she find this material most elegant to work with even when it is the most unpredictable one and we must say she has quite nicely mastered the art of right texture, weight and color.

You can checkout all her amazing work at her insta handle @laurinaceramics .

Join us on Instagram for more @ceramic.inn. Stay tuned !!

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